The Essentials of Lighting – 101

July 26, 2016

Advantage Of LED Lighting

LED lighting is the way to go if you want the latest in lighting technology. Because fluorescent lamps are now considered outdated, they are now being replaced by LED lighting. When you want to have an energy efficient lighting system, then you should consider having a LED light. A lower power consumption, less maintenance and it also has a longer lifespan are just some of the advantages of a LED light. They also have brighter light output. All over the world, in homes and in business, LED is slowly replacing all other lighting systems. If you want to have different forms and sizes. LED lights also have those.

If you want to have an energy efficient light, then you must get a LED lighting system. When it comes to indoor lighting, it is said that a LED light is way more efficient than a fluorescent light. LED converts much more light from the power that it gets. A fluorescent light on the other hand converts power into heat which dissipates rapidly. LED lights are much more efficient as it only consumes 30% of power.

A solid state lighting is the one that makes a LED light last longer than its counterparts. That means a LED more stable and reliable. If used normally, a LED light can last up to 17 years. This is a far cry from fluorescent as it has ashore lifespan making you replace them often. Because LED lights have longer lifespan, you will then be able to save more.

When you compare a LED light to other lighting systems, you will realize that it provides a better lighting quality. In an ordinary light, you will see flickering when it suits up. But a LED light will have none of that and it will start right away. These flickering are said to cause headaches in humans. That is because of the micro pulse wavelengths that they emit. There will be an increase in your efficiency as you will not be able to have those headaches because of a LED lighting system.

Their will be less heat in your area it is because a LED will not produce any heat compared to a fluorescent lamp when used in longer periods. Heat spots is produced by conventional lighting that is why they will make the tubes dimmer making their lifespan shorter. A uniform and balanced light is what a LED provides that is why there is less tendency for you to have eye strains. Over 500% is the lead of a LED light compared to traditional light when it comes eco-friendliness. your hem and business electricity bills will be lower making you save more money. Not to mention, fluorescent lamps also has poisonous materials on it like mercury which can be toxic.